Introducing 1Form Alloy Wheels

2 years spent developing the brand concept and initial 1Form wheel designs, our designs were put to production September 2017, launching for the break of the new twenty18 year, straight from our development and distribution HQ here in the United Kingdom.

Our in-house product design and development team, comprised of expert individuals, perceived to be some of the very best in the wheel industry, started with a personal passion for automotive alloy wheels from early years, where automotive enhancement became the passion.

At 1Form we know it isn't simply a design, it's technical development, trend progression, and fitment "know-how", pushing limits to their outer boundaries, achieving something special.

Our aim as 1Form moves forward? To continually push the boundaries of alloy wheel design and development, bringing you the latest concepts the way we've learnt how - setting trends in the industry!

Choose unique form, 1Form.

The 1Form Wheel Collection

The concept behind 1Form Wheels was to introduce a wheel brand that offered the perfect blend of quality, style, affordability and function.

Based on years of industry experience and technical knowledge we knew the the perfect formula consisted of: Plenty of room for big brakes, load strength for vans and impact resistance, large centre bore depth, great looking appealing designs, high quality paint finish to minimise warranty issues.

Every wheel in the 1Form Alloy Wheel range has been designed with this formula in mind, and every future wheel to be released will follow suit.

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Where To Buy

We have selected retailers located all across the UK and Ireland, so no matter where you are 1Form wheels will be available close by. Please feel free to use our interactive map to locate your nearest retailer. 1Form wheels will be available via dealers worldwide very soon!